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Mr Jack Nicholson
Marian Date: November 2010
Jack is an excellent teacher patient but firm, flexible but determined. As a left-handed middle-aged musical ignoramus, with an electronic kit at home, Ive been quite a challenge. My ambitions were modest to achieve a good enough standard to play along to CDs at home, to get a general understanding of music and to learn to read drum music. I didnt want to take exams or get too bogged down in practice pieces written for exams, or to perform as part of an ensemble, but I did want to be able to play a real kit when the opportunity arises (I have a son who is a professional drummer). Im getting there more quickly than Id dared to hope. Between us, Jack and I soon began to choose sections of tracks Id like to play along with and which fit the exercises Im learning, and he simplifies them to my level. He cherry picks the exercises from various exam syllabuses so that I make steady progress, then reinforces them by the pieces we choose next, and it works brilliantly keeping me happy while extending my skills. If Im struggling, hell email me a demonstration of the tricky bit, as well as write it out in various ways, so I can make progress. He is always willing to answer questions about music in general, or discuss techniques and the instruments Ive seen at concerts, without being distracted too far from his lesson plan. The result is maximum pleasure and minimum boredom for me, and really good value for the time and money invested, giving me a challenging hobby.
Adrian Date: November 2010
When there were no vacancies at school for drum lessons as I began playing, I turned to Jack to teach me kit. Turns out it was a great decision to become a student of his! He guided me through the grades, reaching grade six in under a year, which I took the exam for and passed with a merit. Jack used clear and simple methods to ensure my abilities in reading music, playing techniques and confidence were the best they could be, focusing not only on grades but with playing in a band. We covered advanced click/metronome and sampling techniques, and confidence playing live and in recording which has been a great help to me in my band, Ten Floors. My band has toured on a UK level up and down the country supporting signed acts including Gareth Gates, A Silent Film and Ross Copperman, and I have been able to carry my knowledge from lessons with Jack to play confidently in all these situations. Jack is highly organised and made sure I was catered for as best as I could be, planning out every lesson with specific aims for my playing, and always pushing my abilities to their potential.
Julie Date: November 2010
Liam and Laura are thoroughly enjoying their lessons with Jack and have developed their drumming abilities over the years. Jack has been a very good role model for them both.
Liam Date: November 2010
I have been playing drums for about three years now and achieved many things that I didnt think I would on the drums! Jack has helped me develop my skills on the kit and his relaxing attitude makes you feel comfortable when playing. Jack has helped me win two music competitions and get into the Young Musician of the Year final at my school. Jack makes drums fun to learn!
Laura Date: November 2010
I find drumming hard at times, but I will get through it with the help of Jack. I have passed my grade one with distinction and also came second in my end of year music competition!
Amanda Date: November 2010
Jack has taught my son drum kit since he began playing aged 7, four years ago, and hes currently working towards his Rockschool grade 5. Morgan has always enjoyed his lessons he feels comfortable and is able to freely comment about his thoughts around the practice. Jack is very motivated and organised and his lessons are always structured, as is the homework. Hes very good at building a positive relationship and therefore able to give honest and positive feedback this happens on an ongoing basis. As Morgan was a young learner he hasnt always been the easiest of pupils. He would often turn up with his head full of football stories or antics at school. Jack has always been able to deal with this, listening for a short while and then focusing Morgans attention back onto the job in hand. There have been times when hes struggled with new elements, or not understood the point of a particular exercise. At these times Jack has been able to adapt his approach to make it easier for Morgan to grasp. As a parent I can say Ive always felt confident about leaving Morgan with Jack, and equally comfortable sitting in the lesson. Occasionally there have been times when I have had concerns about Morgan, perhaps before/after exams or if he becomes complacent with practice time. When these situations occur I dont hesitate to contact Jack and discuss the issue hes always been able to come up with a plan to tackle the problem! Now Morgan is older he also feels able to speak to Jack out of lesson time about his concerns either by phone or email. I live nearly ten miles away, however in the years since Morgan began drumming I have never once thought of looking for another tutor. I very much doubt I could find anybody as reliable and committed to his pupils as Jack. I have no hesitation recommending Jack to others looking for a tutor, either for themselves or their children. Hes the best!
Louise Date: November 2010
I was really pleased to get a beginners crash course voucher for Christmas as I always leave gigs saying that I want to be a drummer! This experience was really good as I was able to start playing along to a track pretty much instantly it feels like you are progressing quickly! The technical exercises are really good too for trying to separate limb movement and although they are difficult to start with they get easier. I really enjoyed the two sessions I had and Im hoping to be back for more lessons!
Melody Date: March 2013
Jack is a terrific tutor who, right from my initial exploratory email about lessons, encouraged me to believe that a long-held dream was something more than the deranged fantasy of a middle-aged woman. He has led me in by gentle stages and, almost before I was aware of it, I was playing simple rhythms, and, later on, fills. He is exceptionally well-organised there is always a plan for the lesson tolerant of error and gently encouraging: Im not especially confident and he often has to tell me that yes, I can do it. By the end of the lesson, it turns out that he was right. Moreover, hes very good at diagnosing why it is that particular problems occur and then helping to overcome them. If youre thinking of learning to play but have been hesitating, hesitate no more.
Josh Date: March 2013
Jack was my tutor for around 18 months I came to him for lessons after starting to learn the kit at school. In this time we took on and challenged the aspects of my playing that needed the most work. In particular this focused on reading drum notation, rudimental patterns and advanced techniques such as displacement. Jacks approach and method to teaching me these vital elements was the best I have come across as a student and continue to help me today. Jack tailored each lesson to my needs and knew how I would learn best, continually pushing me to become a much better and well-rounded player. I left every lesson feeling confident of the material covered and very pleased with the outcome. Jacks enthusiasm inspired me to undertake some Rockschool graded examinations and after six-months working with him I achieved a high merit at grade 6, and another six months later I achieved a distinction at grade 8. I am now studying at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester so I no longer have lessons with Jack but I would strongly recommend him to anyone as a drum tutor. Hes a brilliant player and teacher, and he has an outstanding knowledge of music.
Gary Date: March 2013
I started lessons with Jack back in January 2010 after my partner bought me a two-lesson beginners crash course for Christmas. Although Id always wanted to have a go at learning drums I did wonder that at 51 years of age Id left it a bit late. I was also very unsure of what to expect. My fears were soon quashed on my very first lesson with Jack. We had an initial discussion of what exactly I wanted and what my targets might be. I remember vividly what I told him so long as I can play at least one song from start to finish then Im happy! By the end of the first lesson I walked away with a basic rock beat that I could play comfortably, and that gave me such a buzz! Needless to say, I continued with the lessons and still attend weekly. The most important thing from my perspective was, like other pupils Jack teaches, I wasnt interested in exams and gradings. This isnt a problem for Jack, he has a fun and unique way of getting the basics across and for someone like myself who has never had a single iota of interest in musical scores it still works. He involves you with the metronome and believe it or not I can now read bits of drum music! Anyone who does decide on lessons will subconsciously start to pick out drum beats when listening to music. I do, and if theres anything Im unsure of then I discuss it with Jack, going through the concept in the next lesson. People often ask what exactly it is that I enjoy about the lessons Whilst learning the country shuffle beat I was introduced to a blues guitarist called Joe Bonamassa which has given me a great interest in music, I also like it when Jack occasionally jams along on the keyboard whilst you play a particular beat, and of course his patience is a great help too. In all honesty my only regret is that I didnt start years earlier. The next step is to book my two grandsons in for lessons with Jack when they are old enough, where I know they will be safe and can experience the unique and exciting lessons he provides.
Dennis Date: March 2013
After a lifetime of being a frustrated non-musician I finally decided to take up the drums in my 50s. I spent some time thrashing about myself but then decided that if I wanted to be a proper musician then I ought find a teacher. So I found Jack. Jack is an excellent teacher with a wide knowledge of different musical styles. I grew up listening to pop/rock from the 60s/70s and developed a style of drumming accordingly. Jacks knowledge of this genre is extensive for a young un! I have also developed an interest in jazz and swing, and again I have found Jack extremely knowledgeable. He is very adaptable in his teaching methods I am not planning to take any exams and being a bit older, I perhaps dont learn as quickly as children and younger people might do. Jack has adapted his teaching style accordingly to suit me. He is a very patient teacher. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Jack and I can say that after every lesson I always feel inspired and re-invigorated and cant wait to get back on my kit at home. If you are thinking of taking up the drums, I cannot recommend Jack enough. Many thanks Jack!
Jack Date: February 2014
Jack is an excellent teacher, who is precise and open-minded. He has a unique approach to drum tuition that can make the real difference between not just being a great drummer, but being a great musician. He is a very student-involved teacher and the care and desire for his students to achieve really comes across in and outside of his lessons. This is a major contrast with many teachers who lack the passion and care to associate with their students when they are not being paid to do so. He always adapted his lessons to suit my needs and goals and really helped point me in the right direction as far as drumming styles/concepts were concerned. His knowledge and specificity led to me achieving Grade 8 distinction in my first music exam ever. It really is a shame that he has moved location and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher with a comprehensive outlook on all aspects of drumming and musicianship.

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