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List of Contents- (NB. I ask for your patience please as this is still "a work in progress".)

1. Introduction
2. Instruments Taught
3. Qualifications
4. Education
5. Solo Singing Recitals
6. Choral Singing
7. Opera Stage Singing/Acting
8. Solo Flute
9. Solo Piano
10. Studio Recordings
11. Charity Concerts (singing, flute and piano)
12. Weddings: HARP FLUTE DUO- website details
13. Teaching
14. Ventures into Teaching the String Family
15 Holistic Approach
16. Gift Tokens
17. Singing Quotations of Live Performances.
18 Sample Programmes: Singing, Alexandra Trio, HARP FLUTE DUO
19 Acknowledgment of my many Teachers & Coaches
20 A few modest Audio Recordings to be added
21 My pencil portraiture attempts from small beginnings 1/8/2019 to be
included as hope encouragement& inspiration for my students to start
to develop their own potential & powers of observation.

1. Introduction

This biography for Adriene’s students begins with background information highlighting her qualifications and performing experiences, although teaching has always been her main profession, Adriene is a member of "The Association of Teachers of Singing".

Forgive her please, if she has indulged, by including perhaps less pertinent, but never the less, some true facts & stories for her own records and "memory lane" journey. (In need of proof reading and corrections still)

2. Instruments Taught

Voice, Flute, Piano, Celtic Harp, Guitar, Ukulele, Violin, Viola Recorder, piano accordion.

3. Qualifications

Adriene is an Associate of The Royal College of Music in Singing Performance, and an Honours Graduate of Trinity College of Music with Licentiate Teaching Diplomas in singing flute and piano.

4. Education

Adriene has enjoyed college and private tuition from many excellent teachers in London, the UK and abroad, included lessons with Elly Ameling, and teachers from the Liszt’s Academies of Music in Weimar (Professor Fischer), and Budapest (Professor Boldiszar Koench), Trinity College of Music (John Noble & Angela Jenkins), Royal College of Music (Margaret Kinglsley) Royal Academy of Music (Vanbrugh Quartet leader), Guildhall School of Music (Ellis Keeler) and the Royal Northern School of Music (Brian Wilson). She has received lessons from members of the Liverpool Philharmonic (Patricia Morris), London and BBC Symphony Orchestra (Lowry Saunders), Glyndebourne Opera coach (Ian Ledingham), The Royal Opera House Tenor (Tom Swift), and the D'oyly Carte Opera Company (Roger Rostron and Marion Studholme).

Adriene attended a series of Summer Music courses for singing technique and interpretation in Hungary-Slovakia, and also attended a Jazz singing course in Suffolk.

This was after starting at an early age with excellent Lancashire teachers Enid Belshaw of Wigan, Frank Vose of Leyland, Jane Rowland of Blackburn, Jean Mitchell and Jackie Williamson of Liverpool.

5. Solo Singing Recitals

Adriene's wonderfully supportive teachers Enid Belshaw and Margaret Heylings accompanied her earliest recitals in Lancashire. Enid invited Adriene to perform on Cruise Ships with her.

Some of the later most memorable solo recital singing performances were at Stately Homes in the UK (see critiques below), and venues abroad. A televised singing concert with organist Peter Barraclough took place in the Anglican Cathedral in Malta in the presence of the President of Malta and the British High Commissioner, which was well received and reported in the “The Times”, Malta (see critic’s comments below).

Adriene formed & sang recitals with her violinist brother Gregory and Glyndebourne repetitious pianist Ian Ledingham in the "Alexander Trio".
(See program sample below).

She received a standing ovation for the rendition, with actions, of Strauss's "Laughing Song" in Sweden. Adriene entertained, singing Irish songs, sitting cross legged at a business social dinner in Tokyo, Japan. In Hungary at a Budapest "Singing Waiters" "Bel CAnto" Restaurant, the resident pianist, violinist & 'cellist improvised on the spot to accompany her "Laughing Song". Memorably In Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum Venue, to an international audience, Adriene was accompanied by a very talented mouth organist to her own “last minute scripted” lyrics to "Those magnificent men in their flying machines". She received a ten minute standing ovation, where upon the Norwegian CEO, enthusiastically leaped onto the stage, and tapped a Russian Dance at her feet. She was overwhelmed with a 10 minute standing ovation.


After performing on her new arrival to the village, by kind invitation of Matt George, she sang for the Church Concert "First of the Summer Wine".One of her funniest performances to date, was for a Village Variety Show when she participated in a skit with Pantomime writer Mike Fahie-Wilson. He as “Gaffer”, on cue, placed a broom and dustbin lid, in Adriene's hands, and bucket on her head, as Adriene in elegant concert gown attire, sang out the coloratura trills of "Rule Britannia". One night, the Audience gasped in horror, as the singers show was ruined……. until the penny dropped.....and then the laughter...... as "the singer" chased the “Gaffer” off stage with the her broom. (see critic below)

(In the audience was Sallie Walrond, Piano Accordionist and World Class horse carriage driver and adjudicator. She commented in writing “One of the highlights of “The Shimpling Variety Show” in March 2016 was Adriene Ellis’ superb rendition of “Rule Britannia”. Her talented performance combining a Masterclass of Singing with delightful humour, alongside Mike Fahie Wilson’s hilariously deadpan facial expressions resulted in a first class act. The audience filling the Village Hall on both nights, was in fits of laughter and the applause, which followed, spoke volumes.")

Adriene has been delighted by audiences' warm reception, if slightly embarrassed with a standing ovation at a professional wedding in Essex, where fortunately, the Vicar had the great sense/diplomacy to invite a great round of applause for the Bride.

Another WEDDING, Adriene was complimented on her rendition of the specifically requested Andrew Lloyd Webber's " Pie Jesu. After the applause, the Father said to her, "just a pity we could hear the words of the "song". Adriene apologized, and said that she had alerted the young couple of the songs "Requiem" spirit, it being written as a Mass for the departed, but the couple had insisted that is what they liked and wanted perfomremed at their wedding. Adriene apologised to the Father, " but that singing well for projection and pure clear ringing tone, necessitated the best diction and enunciation possible".

6. Choral Singing

Adriene sang solo in oratorio for Choral Societies, including for London Bart’s Hospital Oratorio, under the baton of Prof John Lumley, for Woodbridge’s Choral Society in Rossini’s "Missa Solemnis" (with the Baritone Chris Maltman who later won the Cardiff Singer of the World Lieder Prize).

Father had said he'd said to me, he would be tickled pink to see Gregory and I perform together in the Royal Albert Hall. We didn't quite make it, but on the same day exactly in East Anglia, we both performed within a quartet, Gregory's Vanburgh String Quartet at Norfolk's Holkham Hall, with Helen (violin) Simon (viola) and Chris ('cello), and me in Suffolk's Woodbridge Church with the Choral Quartet Liz (contralto), Simon (Tenor) and Chris ('cello). Another one of life's numerous lovely co-incidences.

Adriene gained Choral experience with Chorley Choral Society and Trinity College of Music Choir, including performances in the Royal Albert Hall. Adriene also enjoyed Professional Choir singing experience of the Latin Masses and Motets, at the invitation of Monsignor Frederick Miles, secretary to Cardinal Heenan, with St James Church Choir, Spanish Place, London WI.

7. Opera Singing/Acting

Adriene performed Josephine in " HMS Pinafore" with Barts Hospital G&S Society, and Sophia in "Tom Jones" with Chesham Light Opera Company, and in a Chesham concert performance of "Song of Norway" on Grieg's life.

She performed a part in Brecht’s “The Good Woman of Setzuan” at Sixth Form, after she first sang and acted at age 16 years, as the ”Dutch Doll” in her Chorley School production of "Pinochio"

Adriene has studied at Trinity College of Music London (Magic Flute), London Morley College Opera Studio,under ROH coach Charles Hamilton for Beethoven's "Fidelio", "Madam Butterfly" with High Wycombe Opera and "Rosina" for "Barber of Seville" for Long Melford Music Concert. Adriene was invited to go on "the Reserve list" for a placement on The Royal College of Music Opera Course. She was appreciative of even this, as she had only started singing lessons at age of 19 years. Although loving so many different styles, she feels her natural ability lies more easily in the high tessitura.

8. Solo FLUTE

Adriene performed solo flute in Suffolk concerts/recitals - as well as for the support of the Bury St Edmunds Cathedral Choir Funds. Whilst at Mabel Fletcher College in Liverpool, she played flute professionally in the Orchestra accompanying Southport Operatic and gave a solo flute Recital in Liverpool Cathedral. A funny memory is of a rather cheerful red faced professional performance (after “mead” sampling) with colleagues, at a Mediaeval Banquet somewhere in Liverpool in that same year. Chamber and orchestral early experience, was as a flautist with Chorley Orchestra and Lancashire Schools/Youth Orchestra including an exciting trip to Denmark to perform at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens.

9. Solo PIANO

Adriene performed piano in Suffolk and abroad playing a variety of pieces, Chopin's "Fantasie Impromptu" being a recent favourite.. Piano performances in early years were in school, and competitive music festivals. After obtaining grade 8 Distinction, with Jackie Williamson, she was made an offer to compete for an RAM scholarship, Trinity College performances and a few renderings of Chopin’s “Fantasie Impromptu” in recitals dominated by flute and singing, at home and abroad. She currently enjoys practicing some stretching Liszt pieces.

10. Studio Recordings with Orchestra and Choir

One of Adriene’s most stretching and interesting singing experiences was studio recordings of her singing repertoire with the Vienna Orchestra and Budapest Radio Choir. On another recording occasion, Adriene sang solo and played the flute with a 55 strong orchestra and 80 strong choir.

11. CHARITY CONCERTS (Singing, Flute and Piano)

Adriene has performed over the years, with great pleasure, mostly singing & flute with some piano, and a very modest violin rendering in "Amazing Grace", for 100's of Charity Concerts, Senior Citizen's Residences, Church and Cathedral funds, Weddings and Funerals. The charities she performed for include Cruse -Bereavement Care The Abbey of Worth, Church Restoration Funds,Blind Club Ashley green, The Blind Association, The London Federation of Boys Clubs, for Refugee Orphans, The Lark Stroke club, Many Women's Institute Recitals, St Mary's Young Wives and Union of Catholic Mothers,Save the Children,The Stroke Association, The Lark Stroke Club,3AU (Third Age University) ,Soroptimist International, Suffolk Farmers' Mental Health Charity (, Suffolk Organists Association, St Nicholas' Hospice of Suffolk and The International Ministerial Council of Great Britain.

Adriene performed, as well as RECITALS at White Hill Concert Series Chesham, with ABRSM examiner Julian Larkin, quite a number of concerts with Dr Flowers of Needham Market, a well-known local piano accompanist organist and organizer of local Charity Concerts, Pantomimes and Recitals. At a Lawshall Concert, as he accompanied his wife Shiela and Adriene. wearing cats masks holding a dangling tinfoil fish, singing the cats "ME-OWS" of Rossini's "Cats Duet". The resident ginger cat came, sat at their feet, looked up at them, and joined in.

12. WEDDINGS: HARP FLUTE DUO: Solo Singing and Flute with Celtic Harp or Organ.

I have purchased a new website for our Harp and Flute duo. I have purchased the domain name "", but, until finished setting up the hosting, for now you can find it on

Adriene currently works on flute singing and violin, with Celtic Harpist Anne Chorley preparing a large repertoire of music to try to accommodate all tastes, in the categories:- Folk from around the World, Light Classics, Operetta, Opera, Film scores, Musical and Popular. As well as preparing Concert Recital programmes, they also play for for Weddings, Dinners and Charity Functions


Adriene has taught as a Peripatetic flute teacher for Amersham Saturday Music School, Brudenell School (Bucks County Council) and Singing Flute Piano in Prep Schools (Manor Road, Wirral, Berkhampstead, York House, Rickmansworth, and Old Brettenham Hall, Suffolk), Private (Harrow School of Music), State schools of Amersham and Chesham, Buckinhamshire, and Queenswood Public School, Potters Bar.


The majority of Adriene’s time has been devoted to teaching, tenaciously trying to progress forward in her own knowledge and standards. She has also been delighted to be invited locally to join an adjudicating panel for a "Simon Cowell" Britain's Got Talent" type Competition.


Many of Adriene's students have passed exams with distinction. Quite a number have progressed on to Music College and University themselves, becoming teachers and performers in orchestras, musical stage, TV and opera. She has also enjoyed helping students in other styles, such as folk & pop (including a "Cult" member & "Elvis" Impersonators).

Adriene, for many years hired the Elgiva Hall in Chesham, to give her students a chance to practice performing. For smaller home concerts 30 chairs were bought for the audience, in her home, and videoed for their “post mortem” learning study. Pianists Paul Beechey and Dr Flowers were engaged over many years to provide the accompaniments so that she could assess from the back row. She has organised for the most experienced to give their own recital.

Adriene teaches all ages 3 upwards. (The 3 yrs old parents' with degrees, were both Professional Musicians). What a lovely surprise, when given a complimentary ticket from a friend, to see by chance, 20 years later, (spotted because she looked just like her Mother) this little girl performing violin in a professional orchestra at Bury St Edmunds' Apex Concert Hall The orchestra was accompanying an amazingly talented young Russian lady soloist playing Beethoven's (?) piano concerto..


A shower of co-incidences after the earthly loss of her spiritual eldest sister Geraldine, Adriene was given, by friend Melanie, a Viola, then a beautiful old Violin was discovered by the same good friend. It was a "Granchino Copy". Her RTEVanbrugh Quartet RAM teacher played and performed on an original.
Attendance at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival course in 2016, recommended by Celtic Harpist Anne Chorley, helped her find her choice Harp, Surprisingly, once bought, she found that the Celtic knot work inscription of "AZILIZ" on her chosen Brittany made Camac Celtic Harp, translated from old Breton as "St Cecilia", the "Patron Saint of Music". Her sister Geraldine, the eldest of 7 brothers and sisters, had studied religion in Brittany, as a young "Maria von Trapp". This inspired Adriene to write her many Co-incidences Stories.

A lovely lady also a teacher, asked Adriene to teach her 2nd daughter, UKULELE even though Adriene told her that she didn't even possess one. Persuasively, the sweet Mother asked Adriene to learn along side her daughter. .So Adriene, took up and hard studied this and guitar. Adriene currently teaches this for elementary levels.
Since this, Adriene has enjoyed also teaching some Celtic harp, violin viola and guitar, and is delighted her "Dr" student started helping dementia groups with this therapeutic music.
Friend Sallie kindly taught PIANO ACCORDION to Adriene, enabling her to share and teach some young beginners.
Friends Michelle and Helen, have lent Adriene a keyboard and 'cello...... so Adriene has another challenge to keep the grey cells stimulated, share this learning, plus, another string to her bow.


Trying to approach her music and teaching holistically, Adriene, has added to her learning, as well as a love of plants & flowers (studying the RHS and Dr Hessayon books etc), healthy cooking (studying e.g. "You are what you eat"), some curtain and dressmaking as the one she wears in the profile photograph, first attempts, from 1/8/2019 at sonnet writing, walking, swimming, if like a duck, to 1 mile, and Tai Chi. Adriene enjoys the ever widening world library e.g. via YouTube, "" lectures. (nb Anita Collins lecture "How playing an instrument benefits your brain" (neuroscientific anaylsis).

From a young age she was inspired by the "Pollyanna" books (filmed with Hayley Mills). In her London hostel student days, she was given a book with a cover picture of (and signed by) Elizabeth Archard, who played the part in the Pollyanna ITV series. Another early heroine was "The Lady of the Lamp", Florence Nightingale. This along with such books, as the"Secret Garden" inspired her.

Very early, a novice interest in philosophy included reading such books as "Jonathon Livingston Seagull" (a gift from a helpful kind A level music colleague), and during student days reading "The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran. She appreciates the Kipling poem "IF", Desiderata "Go Placidly......," and for those shy and under confident perhaps, Nelson Mandela's speech " Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous talented fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.... As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others".

She believes, as Daniel Barenboim's book title, based on the Harvard lectures,, that "Everything is Connected - The Power of Music".
Learning several instruments, encouraging portraiture drawing, a little Thai Chi, healthy eating, garden relaxation, Adriene believes, interconnects to help overall musicianship and life, for herself and her students.

Adriene strongly believes that MUSIC is a great force for healing, sharing and inspiration to help make for everyone, a better and more enjoyable world.


Adriene is often asked to provide Gift Tokens for spouses, partners, children and parents for occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas.

Adriene finds it a great joy to be surrounded by lovely music and people, and share in their life's development and fulfillment, to enhance the world for all.

"Amersham's Adriene Ellis, who has made a name for herself locally as an experienced soprano has begun a scheme of her own, to allow opera-lovers to visit large scale productions of operatic masterpieces. Last week she organised two coach parties to enable the public to travel comfortably to Oxford to hear Welsh National Opera in "La Boheme" and R Strauss's "Woman without a Shadow". and " Adriene Ellis has organised a coach from Chesham to hear her ex Student Ryk Burnett make his West End Debut in Chicago" (Bucks Examiner).

"Young Artists show talent. Adriene Ellis' tenth concert at the Elgiva Hall, Chesham given by so many of her numerous pupils, that the individual items numbered no fewer than 49. Such a wealth of music making made it difficult to mention more than a handful of the youthful artists involved, but all, including the tint tots, must be congratulated on creating a highly varied and very interesting programme. Adriene Ellis has once again proved that she knows how to find and to encourage local talent." (Bucks Examiner).


Three quotations from music critics on performing singing (originals available on request)

I. "Adriene Ellis, who is well known for her recitals, seemed particularly fitted to appear in the beautiful 'long parlour' at Lord and Lady Burnham’s Stately Home. This elegantly ornate hall was filled to capacity and even enhanced by Adriene Ellis's appearance..... she looked like an Edwardian Diva.... it was obvious that everyone around me had a glorious time... No living soprano is more popular in all types of music than Elly Ameling. Highbrows and low brows equally enjoy her unfailing use of "Bel Canto". Adriene Ellis has reminded me of Elly Ameling's art"
Basil Ashmore, Music Critic, Bucks Examiner

II. "Adriene Ellis made a charming first impression with Cherubino's song, sung with smiles, not only in the face but in the voice.... an enduring memory was the ease of the soprano's florid bars near the end of "Bei Mannern' (Magic Flute)... this brilliant ring of voice in the upper register, marked also her impressive, more than clean take of her high B's.... the famous aria from (Puccini's) Gianni Schicchi had given a foretaste, for the high notes there, which can so often sound strained or be "scooped" in approach, were of lovely quality"
Rickmansworth at the invitation of, and with, student baritone Richard Brooman,
John Steane, Music Critic of "Opera Now" and "Gramophone Magazine"

III. "Soprano, Adriene Ellis, beginning with Malotte's "The Lord's Prayer", in which she immediately established a fine rapport with the audience, who could not help but admire her crystalline limpid tone, and the effortless way she reached her top notes. Moreover in every piece, she had warmth of expression that was very moving, especially in Handel's "Lascia ch'io pianga" (Rinaldo), and Gounod's taxing "O Divine Redeemer", "Pie Jesu" from Lloyd Webber's "Requiem", had a very ethereal and devotional quality, elements hardly less present in Bach's aria "My heart ever Faithful". It must be said that in spite of "competition" from the rain, Ms Ellis' diction rang clear and true all the way. She concluded with the "Alleluia" from Mozart’s "Exultate Jubilate", beautifully ornamented, articulate runs and fine breathing". The Queen's Church, Malta at the invitation of, and with, organist Peter Barraclough.
Albert Storace, Music Critic,The Times, Malta.


" Adriene Ellis rose to the challenge of such a varied selection of music with great imagination at it's strongest in the first half with vivid characterization of English songs by Peter Warlock, Michael Head and Bernstein and in the 2nd half in three of Granados' songs inspired by Goya. . Gregory Ellis' Brahms Sonatensatz was firey and intense. Ian Ledingham's playing full of resonant authority in Brahms notoriously difficult piano writing.The composers represented were Mozart Haydn Beethoven, Brahms Chausson and Schubert, and more with songs in English, French Italian German and Spanish. Concert in aid of Chesham's Emmanuel Church "Building Together". (Bucks Examiner).

ADRIENE with Brother GREGORY and their teacher ENID Belshaw:

"Young Stars full of Promise- Adriene was heard in intelligently planned groups of early Italian, French, Spanish and German Lieder. She commanded unstinting admiration by the way she adapted it not only to the particular style of each group, but to the requirements of each constituent part. She was most effective in suggesting the cheery banter between the young man and his amused but firm young lady in Brahms "Vergebliche Stanchen"; in capturing the subtle moods and nuances of Faure's "Chanson D'amour" Fleur Jetee and Mandoline, and in conveying the Spanish Earthiness of Obradors "Chiquitita la Novia and "Al Amon" Gregory chose pieces which make formidable demands on the performers technique and call for the ultimate in virtuosity; Corelli's Sonata no 12 in D La Folia, The first two movements of Bach's B Minor Partita and Paganini's pyrotechnical Caprice no 24 in A minor .It was n the Paganini that he found his most dazzling form. What was remarkable , was that someone so young attacked them with such bravura and confidence, and that he managed to bring such sublime expressiveness to the slow octave one. ((Chorley Post and Chronicle).


"The lovely finale was a programme of songs and a flute item by Adriene Ellis, accompanied on the piano by Paul Beechey.
Adriene's bubbly personality and her sweet and powerful voice added a special enchantment to a really festive afternoon." Bucks Examiner

CHARITY CONCERT- Bucks County Council Social Services Dpt.:

"All Residents and Staff who participated have been singing your praises, and saying how much they appreciated the way you had prepared for the evening. It's very rarely that residents have the opportunity of seeing people in evening dress and they loved it, especially Mrs Wray, who I gather joined in the chorus of "Tit Willlow". Thank you for giving up your valuable time and we hope that we may see you again in the future." Mrs Beckett- Officer in Charge.

WEDDING Appreciation Quote

" To Adriene, a very big "THANK YOU", for making our wedding day so memorable. Your singing was so beautiful, that all of our guests were moved - many romances were rekindled that day!
ps castanets (used for the "Carmen" arias), found and returned by one of our guests"

18 SAMPLE PROGRAMS 1,2, ( modest Audio sample to be attached in time).

Haydn The Mermaid's Song
Trad. Amazing Grace
Bishop Home sweet Home
K Weill Buddy on the Nightshift
Gershwin Summertime
Mozart Voi che sapete (Marriage of Figaro)
Bizet Habanera (Carmen)
Mozart Hallelujah
Adams The Holy City
Webber Wishing you were somehow here again
Memory Cats
Schubert Die Forelle
Faure Claire de Lune
Schubert Seligkeit
Denver Annies Song (Flute)
Strauss One Day when we were young
Strauss The Laughing Song
Puccini O mio babbino Caro
Puccini Vissi D'arte (Encore)

2 Recital "ALEXANDRA TRIO" with Violinist Gregory Ellis and piano accompanist Ian Ledingham.

Handel Ombra mai fu
Gluck Che faro
Scarlatti Le Violette
Corelli Sonata no 12 in D minor v/p
Warlock Pretty Ring Time
Gurney I will go with my Father a ploughing
Britten Tytania's aria
Mozart Voi che sapete
Mozart Non so pui
Mozart L'amero s/v/p
Beethoven Romanze in F v/p
Schubert Im Fruhling
Schubert Der Jungling an dem quelle
Schubert Seligkeit
Granados El majo timido
Granados El tra la la y el punteado
Bizet Habanera (Carmen)
Bizet Seguidilla (Carmen)
Bachalet Chere Nuit s/v/p

HARP FLUTE DUO- CONCERT with Celtic Harpist Anne Chorley ( be confirmed)

Popp-piece no 2 op 371
J S Bach-Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
Gluck- Dance of the Blessed Spirits
Celtic/ Traditional:
Early One Morning/The Rising of the lark
Greensleeves' Mair Bhan Og (Fair Young Mary)
Suo Gan (Sleep my baby)- Harp solo
The Rose of Tralee
Kitty of Coleraine- Sung
The Isle of Innesfree-sung
Lannigan's Ball/T he Irish Washerwoman. arr Adriene & Anne
Amazing Grace-violin and Audience participation
Operatic Composers:
Puccini- O mio babbino Caro
Mozart- Papageno's Song-Magic Flute
Mascagni- Intermezzo- Cavalleria Rusticana
Light Popular:
Nino Rota-Speak Softly Love- "the Godfather"
A L Webber-Memory-Cats
Jay Ungar- Ashokan Farewell.
Brian Boru-Trad. arr J Galway/ Anne Chorley

SINGING FLUTE PIANO RECITAL at Long Melford Holy Trinity... to be completed

19. Adriene's TEACHERS and COACHES:

Being 1/7 children, there were always 8 other opinions to consider and think about, so I have enjoyed lessons from many teachers to enjoy their different expertise and ideas to help shape my own teaching and performing. Whilst some teachers were at Music College, most were Private Lessons. Most grateful thanks to my Parents for their sacrifice, to educate us all, and to run us around for all those lessons and activities of Orchestra and Choral Society etc..

Mrs Ennis of Chorley 1st lessons aged 9 yrs.
Mrs Peggy Stanway Chorley, Band Singer, piano teacher.
Miss Enid Belshaw, Wigan, encouraged much Competitive Festival playing and accompanied me for ChorleyMusic Society Recital..
Jacqueline Williamson (nee Gracey) Mabel Fletcher, Liverpool, who helped m achieve Piano Grade 8 Distinction.
Alfred Kitchin, Trinity College ,(Intelligence Service) wonderful pianist taught for the Teaching Diploma. This tall stocky gentleman would dance the Mazurka around the room to inspire Chopin's dancing spirit.
Frank Vose, Leyland, who very often gave me 2 hours for an hours lesson (as Father sat patiently in the car),working through Marcel Moyse books & duets, and helped me get into Chorley Orchestra.
Jane Rowland, Blackburn, helped me through my Grade 8 Flute
Patricia Morris L/Pool Phil (later BBC Symph) drilled me for my Flute Teaching Diploma.
Lowry Sanders Trinity College Professor (London Symphony Orchestra).
Had entered Trinity Joint First "Flute and Piano", then changed to major in initially Piano then later to Singing.
Lancashire Schools Symphony Orchestra,under baton of Malcolm Doley. Residential and w/e courses, Concert's including to Denmark's Tivoli Gardens, coached by L/Pool Phil Atarah Ben Tovim and
Roger Rostron of Doyle Carte Opera Co..
Jean Mitchell, Liverpool Mabel Fletcher College, first singing lessons.
Margaret Heylings Chorley, BBC Northern Singers
Trinity College, James Gaddarn, Elizabeth Hawes,
Morag Noble (Trinity)
John Noble (Trinity) & Angela Jenkins -Oratorio & "Friday Night is Music Night" singer, operetta especially.
Marion Studholme London (RCM)
Marylyn Hill Smith -Operetta.
Ellis Keeler (Guildhall School of Music & Drama), Chairman of Society for English Speakers and Singers
Margaret Kingsley (Royal College of Music/Glyndebourne Singer) who took me through the Performers ARCM Singing.
Roxanne Houston, London
Tom Swift London (Royal Opera House Singer)
Professor Fischer (Liszt Academy, Weimar)
Professor Bodizsar Koench (Liszt Academy Budapest), helped train for CD recording.
Elly Ameling (Wigmore Hall etc Lieder Recitalist) for inspiration in Interpretation.
Robert Wilson (Trinity College)
Gary Peacock, Amersham.
Ian Ledingham, High Wycombe, (Royal Academy of Music/ Glyndebourne Opera Repetituer)
Brian Wilson N Wales (Royal Northern College)
Paul Hamburger (London)
Andrew Black, Cambridge.
Morley College, London:......pianist?.............. to fill in.
Charles Hamilton on Beethovens "Fidelio" (Royal Opera House Coach)
Budapest;.... Rita and fill in.
Anne Ayre
Enid Belshaw
Ian Ledingham
Paul Beechey
Peter Barraclough
Rosemary Serjeant
MASTERCLASSES Attended: Ellis Keeper, Morag Noble, Vera Rosza,
Signore Rucci Rome attending Baritone Philip Rocks coaching sessions.
Ilse Wolf (Trinity) Lieder Class & Private Lessons
Tina Ruta (Trinity & Royal Opera House Italian Coach)


Contact Adriene

Address: Shimpling IP29 4HU
Long Melford
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 4HU
Phone: 07760 238 462
Mobile: 07760 238 462
Fee (30 minutes): £20.00
Fee (60 minutes): £30.00

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