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Below are testimonials for:- Teaching of Singing, Flute, Piano, Celtic Harp, Ukulele, Viola, Performances incl Weddings and Character, especially for Parents of Younger Students.
SINGING: Mrs J F-W FTCL ARCM -Specialist Theatre School Singing Teacher & Performer. Date: January 2019
I have known Adriene since we met as music students in London, when I was studying at the Royal College of Music. Since then we have been very good friends supporting each other. Adriene is an excellent teacher and has all the attributes required to support her students. She has the passion and drive to instill to her students, and to let them progress to the best of their ability. She has empathy and genuineness in her drive to teach and consequently gets the best out of her students. Adriene is patient and kind and realises that music is not only good for discipline, but for the healing of the whole body and soul. Both in her teaching and performing, Adriene has the talent to connect and communicate, which is essential as an artist. Adriene continues to grow as a teacher, and is open to listening to others.
MUSIC TEACHING & CHARACTER: Mrs M A S BA Hons PGCE Date: February 2019
" I have known Adriene since student days, and we have remained friends ever since. Whilst studying for a degree in Classics at UCL. I decided to take private singing lessons. Adriene was my teacher, and with her skill, encouragement support and friendship, I went on to pass all my exams with distinction. After completing my degree, I went on to complete a PGCE in music and spent many happy years a secondary school music teacher. I always remember Adriene's warmth and caring approach to her students and her unfailing belief in them. I used this model very successfully in my own teaching. Adriene is naturally bubbly, fun and incredibly generous and retains her warmth, caring and vivacious nature."
FLUTE: Mrs and Mr P & C G MSc CEng FRAeS, ARCTS Date: April 2012
We would like to offer the strongest possible testimonial to the personal qualities and the professional skills of Ms Adriene Ellis who, with her lovely natural approach, has achieved exceptional results in not only teaching Catherine to play the flute with such a beautiful tone and to such a high standard, but has also managed to instil in her a dedication appreciation and enthusiasm for good music. Catherine has achieved many distinctions and performed in front of distinguished audiences with poise and confidence. We have a very high regard for Adriene's qualities and are so very grateful for her expertise and dedication to Catherine. Her efforts have achieved wonderful results, we can not thank her enough, and we have no hesitation in recommending her very highly.
SINGING: Ms A P M MA GTCL PGCE FISM Composer University- Senior Lecturer in Music Date: January 2019
"I have known Adriene Ellis since our music student days at Trinity College of Music. I have also had the pleasure of accompanying Adriene's exceptionally beautiful soprano voice in various concerts in London. Adriene is a superb teacher and she kindly gave my 12 year old son some wonderful coaching for his grade 7 Singing exam, even though she had a busy schedule and it should have been her day of rest. Adriene's personality is warm and friendly; she would put even the most nervous of pupils at ease. Her communication of technique, interpretation and presentation is outstanding. Adriene is one of the most dedicated professional musicians I know and a truly inspirational teacher".
FLUTE PIANO & SINGING: Mr C R S Date: April 2012
I write to confirm that I have know Adriene Ellis for some eight years now. From enquiries I made, Adriene was recommeded as a music teacher, and I would have no hesitation in making a similar recommendation myself. Quite apart from her musical ability, her enthusiasm and unfailing good humour are remarkable, and from a personal point of view, my daughter, whom Adriene taught, advised and helped, would be nowhere as advanced as she is, had we gone elsewhere for tuition. Adriene has taught her flute piano and singing. As a family, we count ourselves fortunate to know her.
SINGING: Miss S Dancer/Teacher Date: April 2013
"Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You are a wonderful teacher and if it hadn't been for you I wouldn't be going to Germany (singing and dancing in musical theatre).
VIOLA: Mrs M F LLB Date: January 2019
"I have played the viola for 25 years as an amateur. Although Adriene has studied the violin for a relatively short time, because of her lessons with a world class player, and dedicated study of technique, she was able to give me useful tips on stance and bow hold. These have improved my playing considerably."
CELTIC HARP: Mrs L W Qualifications? Florence Nightingale Award Date: January 2019
"Meeting Adriene and being with her on a monthly basis has been a complete joy. She is a skillful musician and can instruct pupils on a variety of instruments. She always prepares her lessons tailored to your needs. Should you attend Adriene's lessons, you will receive encouragement and a positive approach to your abilities. She will guide you regarding the practice you should do and produces good programs. As an adult priorities in a 7 day week period could over ride the practice time you set out to achieve. Adriene will patiently help you with this. Adriene wants you to be a successful musician, and she will not waiver in her support of you. For me, I have been encouraged with my harp lessons, and always look forward to the next one "
RECITAL SINGING: from Mr G R Archer The British High Commissioner Date: January 2019
"I thought I would write to you to let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed your performance at St Paul's Cathedral, Valletta. I know that our pleasure in listening to you was shared by the others present for the concert. It was a splendid way to end the week". RECITAL with Organist Peter Barraclough
CELTIC HARP: Retired TEACHER Mrs J S Date: February 2019
I am an older learner with no previous musical experience apart from learning to play the descant recorder at primary school. I had often thought of learning how to play the Celtic Harp, and after I retired it seemed a perfect moment in my life to try. I had 5 lessons with Adriene who introduced me to the delights of this wonderful instrument. She is an intuitive and patient teacher, who adapts her techniques to the needs and abilities of her students, and she imparts her love for the instrument with her enthusiasm and positivity.
SINGING: Miss F W 17yrs dancer Date: April 2012
Dear Adriene, I'm writing to thank you for your help. I recently auditioned at a Performing Arts School and gained a scholarship. The confidence you gave me in singing, definately helped me in gaining this placement. Thank you again for your help.
SINGING: Mrs H C Linguistics/Instrumental teacher Date: June 2013
After 40 yrs as an enthusiastic amateur (and occasionally semi-pro but untutored singer, combined with a career using the voice to help people learn, amongst other things, German & French, guitar playing and piano, I decided I needed professional help. Adriene has started the overhaul with patience, dynamism and an immense amount of skill and experience: already the sore throats have gone, no more voice strain at the end of the day, stamina is improving.... & with her help & humour, I am beginning to tackle new musical challenges
UKULELE: Mrs D, (Dr P & Mr P H) Date: January 2019
As a family we have been having ukulele lessons with Adriene Ellis for several weeks. Adriene's lessons are always well planned, instructions very clear, and although we all take the lessons very seriously, they are great fun. We now have an impressive, if technically limited repertoire for beginners and look forward to future lessons on this "fun" instrument"
SINGING: Miss E. J. Date: February 2019
" I have been learning singing with Adriene Ellis for about 3 years. For my first festival, (I) won my class for the set piece and the joint Cup. Since I have been in for many festivals, including he Oxford Festival, for which I won a class, and was one mark off getting the Cup. I have three cups and one plate from the Chalfont and Chesham festivals. Adriene has taught me many different types of song e.g. folk, oratorio, operetta, show songs etc. as well as some Italian German and French songs."
SINGING: Miss A S Date: February 2019
I go to singing at Miss Adriene's, for more than 5 months now, since I was 9. I am considering doing all my grades with her. Miss Adriene teaches with a big sense of fun and joy. In just three weeks she managed to teach me how to joyfully sing my school solo song and came to the performance to support me. Miss Adriene is very kind because she always checks on me if I need anything. Miss Adriene has a great spirit and loves to make me laugh. I absolutely love singing and Miss Adriene makes it better.
RECITAL SINGING: Date: January 2019
" I would like to recommend Adriene Ellis (soprano), Philip Rock (operatic Baritone) and Courtney Kenny (piano accompanist) to you. They were engaged by the Parents' Association, to provide the musical entertainment for a soiree. The range of pieces, the interplay of voices, the professionalism of the performance all created a delightful evening. Since then I have had many many compliments from members of the audience and the general feeling was it was the most successful and happy occasion the Parents' Association had ever staged. We cannot wait to repeat it." Head teacher Mrs S Lawson BA Dr Challoners High School, Amersham, Buckinghamshire.
FLUTE: Miss O S Date: February 2019
I had flute lessons for 2 years. Miss Adriene as taught me about breathing, scales arpeggios............. and ......I took forward to learning a lot more. She is really kind and funny and in a tricky situation she always makes me giggle. I have learnt a lot and Miss Adriene's teaching is full of encouragement and laughter. I love going to my music lesson because it is always fun and Miss Adriene gives me exciting ways to practice at home. I was very proud to play flute in a duet with Miss Adriene playing her harp at our local Christmas village panto after only 9 months of lessons. Miss Adriene is inspiring so I really love playing the flute with her.
SINGING: Mr CJ B 17yrs Date: April 2012
It is a genuine pleasure and honour to be taught by a lady who has such a wonderful voice and mastery of the pianoforte. I have been taught by Miss Ellis for just a few months and already experience a different quality in my voice. There is no doubt that Ms Ellis brings out the best in me by persevering until I get it right. My questions are always answered well and I always feel I have achieved some valuable point each lesson. Since starting lessons with Ms Ellis I am co-starring in a musical and have been asked to perform more. But more important, lessons are always enjoyable and there is never a dull moment.
FLUTE & SINGING: The Hon. Mrs A S Date: April 2012
I have known Adriene Ellis for two yrs, giving flute lessons to my daughter and singing lessons to my niece Adriene is a musician first and foremost with a quite natural gift for teaching, which she obviously loves. She is totally professional and combines a firm but gentle and encouraging insistence on the basics of improving technique, posture and general presentation with an ability to "draw out" her pupils' musical qualities and individuality. As she accompanies her pupils on the piano they benefit from the "discipline" imposed by playing with others. In addition to the lessons, Adriene encourages her pupils to participate in music festivals and arranges concerts to give them experience and confidence in performing, Her enthusiam and energy seem boundless and she imparts these qualities and her love of music.
PIANO & SINGING: Mrs M A Primary Teacher Date: April 2013
"Adriene is an exceptional instructor. She is very observant about what my daughter is doing and is capable of doing, then sets her lessons accordingly. She is positive during lessons and supportive outside of lessons when N has any performances. N started with just a desire to learn piano and singing, but under Adriene's instruction and encouragement, has developed a confidence to perform, has a well rounded knowledge & appreciation of music, and has a determination to continue to learn. ( In a short time) She received distinctions in her (firstABRoyalSM) piano ABRSM (143) and singing exams. We will so miss Adriene's instruction (when moving abroad).
PIANO: Mrs J J Date: February 2019
Ms Adriene Ellis has been an excellent piano teacher to our daughter over the last 3 years. Adriene has built a good relationship with V, and the importance of this is borne out by V having reached Grade 4 in a relatively short period of time. V has always looked forward to her piano lessons with Adriene and needless to say we are very sorry that this will no longer continue as Adriene is moving away from this area.(Amersham Buckinghamshire).
Mr K M 30yrs (PIANO) Date: June 2013
PIANO: After 6 yrs of lessons, passing piano exams 1-5, and Theory exams1-3)....I started music lessons with Adriene to improve my music and achieve higher examination levels, which after a length of time with Adriene, feel this is possible, as Adriene has excellent teaching skills, is very patient and only wants the best for her students. I feel anyone who comes to Adriene for music lessons,whether it be for piano or singing will only achieve the very best. It is easy with Adriene, as she is calm and patient and brings fun to the lesson.
SINGING: Mrs C de S Date: April 2012
Because of the excellent tuition given by Ms Ellis our son D has won a major Choral Scholarship to Ampleforth College Junior School.We have found Ms Ellis to be a highly competent teacher who has been able to develop our son's abilities to the maximum.Last Saturday, we were privileged to hear many of Ms Ellis's current pupils sing at a concert and we were impressed by the standards that have been achieved.
SINGING: Miss C S 12yrs Date: July 2013
Adriene is a really supportive and encouraging teacher. As I was 12 years old (looking for a singing teacher) at the time, it was nerve-racking making the initial contact on the phone; however, Adriene put me at my ease straight away and was very warm and welcoming towards me. Her manner has enabled my confidence to grow. Adriene adapts her lessons to suit the stage and ability I am at. She is also open to all music genres and is able to teach them; she is patient and has a great sense of humour, so that when mistakes are made, I don't feel uncomfortable, but realise this is all part of the learning process. I recommend Adriene as a music teacher wholeheartedly.
SINGING: Mrs A C H Date: April 2012
My daughter has been receiving singing lessons with Miss Ellis for almost 9 months. There has been significant progress both technically and from a performance criteria. My daughter has benefited from Adriene's wide knowledge of music and is now able to confidently perform songs which suit her voice and personality. I find Adriene an excellent teacher, committed to bringing out the best in her pupils.
PIANO & SINGING: Mrs J W Date: April 2012
Ms Adriene Ellis is my children's piano and singing teacher. Under her supervision and guidance, my children have enjoyed their music lessons immensely and have each attained distinctions in their exams. Ms Ellis encourages them at Music Festivals, where one of them won a silver cup for singing.
PIANO: Mrs C H Date: April 2012
I have been studying the piano with Adriene Ellis for three years which I have enjoyed immensely. I am in my late forties and felt I had left it too late, but through her experience and very patient coaching I can now play the music I so enjoy. I can not speak too highly of Adriene as she makes her pupils feel very special and capable.
CHARACTER & SINGING: Mrs J P Former Parish Council Chairman Date: February 2019
"Adriene moved to Shimpling in 1994, and being a friendly gregarious lady she now has many friends including myself. I have lived here since 1992. Adriene is a talented singer. She performed in concerts in our Church and this year, she was a star turn at our village variety show teaming up with fellow villager Mike Fahie-Wilson, and performing a humorous sketch, singing "Rule Britannia", bedecked with bucket, broom and dustbin lid, in order to resemble Britannia at the end of the sketch. A very professional performance from Adriene, which had the audience in stitches. Adriene is a keen and knowledgeable gardener and regularly walks. She is a sociable and cheerful lady and a valued member of our small village community."
CHARACTER: Mrs M G Date: February 2019
"As neighbours go, we were very lucky, even though we don't see them very often. When we do, they're charming and friendly and have been great to us over the years. Adriene has a passion for gardening, helping us to bring ours to life, despite our lack of green fingers.Our three children have each benefited from spending time with Adriene when they were younger; she taught one of our daughters how to play the piano and gave her singing lessons for a number of months. They are both generous characters, who helped tremendously when my husband was made redundant for a short time.We hope to continue to be good neighbours with them both for a further 20 years."
CHARACTER: Mrs J M R Retired Headmistress Date: February 2019
"I have known my lovely cousin Adriene since childhood and have always found her to be caring gentle and co-operative in family ventures and celebrations. She shows enthusiasm to take part and give of herself when music and singing are involved. She is an asset in any family situation, ready to listen and calmly help organise activities or gatherings when needed".
CHARACTER: Religious Sister M. B. RSM Date: February 2019
" I have known Adriene (my first cousin) for most of her life. Adriene was a happy friendly child and grew to be an affectionate and generous cousin. we enjoyed each others company and shared many family events as we all grew to maturity. As we made our life direction choices, meetings were less frequent, but there were always times of shared joys and memories. Adriene is a warm affectionate person, loving and loyal, and showed a real interest in my life as well as sharing her own journey. Sympathetic and kind, she was always ready to help others in need".
CHARACTER: Mrs Catherine B (nee Ellis) SRCN SCM SRN Gold Medalist-Patient Voted- London Royal Free Hospital. Date: January 2019
"Adriene is:- Kind to all the family and beyond. She is patient, non confrontational, fun- and makes the sun shine. Encouraging & Always helpful. Supportive to her 4 older sisters. Willing to resolve difficulties. Determined to overcome obstacles. Optimistic. Organizes short holidays. My little sister Adriene is multi talented, self motivated, kind and patient. I am blessed to have such a sister, with her own personality and vitality. She has a very bright mind and it is expressed in her accomplishments." (3/1/2019 Catherine is the 2nd eldest of 7 brothers and sisters. Adriene is the 6th of 7).
WEDDING SINGING & FLUTE: Mr A B Date: January 2019
"Just a quick eM to say a very big THANK YOU again for your wonderful performance at my and Helen's wedding last month. I just wanted to say how marvelous you were and I really appreciate the effort you put in to make our day so special. You are a star and we look forward to seeing you in a performance in the not too distant future. Please let us know where we can get details of your performances. A very big Thank You for making our wedding Day so memorable. Your singing was so beautiful that all of our guests were moved- many romances were re-kindled that day, Thanks once more. All our love Andy and Helen. (Very generous spirit, as I didn't know this lovely couple before singing for their beautiful wedding). Singing with digital piano, Adriene's programme printed and sung "Surprise Serenades" with Martin Clark on piano was: Voi che sapete, The man I love, Habanera, Summertime, Annie's Song, Madame Butterfly, O Mio Babbino Caro and True Love. Adriene invited the willing wedding guests to participate with castanets during the Habanera and humming along to her flute playing of Annie's Song."

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