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Miss Helen Goldsmith
Denise Date: November 2015
Hi I met Helen about 5 years ago age 53 she taught me to play the saxophone. she was the best teacher, I had i wanted to play for fun. she made me feel at ease and taught me well. she had loads of patience with me and never judged. I still play a bit now and then. Helen is a fantastic coach.
Emma Date: November 2015
Helen was one of my very first clarinet teachers, and my progress was incredible during my time with her. I excelled in confidence and she gave me the courage to perform. Her teaching style was very patient and I don't think I could be where I am without her.
Anna Date: November 2015
Helen was my first clarinet teacher and guided me through my grade 1 exam. Helen is a very motivational teacher and I looked forward to my weekly lesson in which she would be very encouraging and would cater her way of teaching around the elements I excelled in and struggled with.
Ellie Date: November 2015
I was a former student at archbishop beck school and I played clarinet for a number of years through high school and sixth form. Through my school life miss goldsmith always supported me and gave the confidence I never had. She improved my music skills as her teaching was very effective and she made a huge impact on me. Miss goldsmith helped me through my grade 5 which I was really struggling with and I passed which I never thought would happen. She was always there to support me both in and out of work, I feel like with her teaching I became better than I ever was musically not only with my skills and knowledge improving but also my confidence. She is such a lovely and inspirational person who i have always looked up to and still will be from this day. She's both such a good friend and teacher!
Sophie Date: November 2015
I played alongside Helen for many years in the school orchestra, she was always helping me develop and taking time out to run small group practices to aid in the overall improvement of the band. Then, Helen became my teacher for a year and in that short period of time she transformed my playing more than any other teacher I have had. I became more confident, I understood how to not just play the notes but to feel the mood of the music and express different dynamics and feelings, my musical theory improved a lot and she made me enjoy coming to lessons and practicing my clarinet which was a first for me. Helen has the talent of bringing out the best in all of her students and helps them to gain an appreciation of music as a whole rather than just learning notes for an exam. I was very grateful for her help and because of Helen I achieved my Grade 7 which is something I never thought I would achieve.

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