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Ms Hannah Wiggins
Janet Date: August 2013
Hannah is an amazing vocal coach. I have tried a number of coaches in the past and Hannah, by far is the best. I have always loved singing and I stopped due to various changes in my life. When I lost my enjoyment in singing, I felt like a big part of me was missing. I've since renewed my love for singing and the urge to get back into music was when I met Hannah. She has opened the door for me again into a world of sound and I'm really enjoying the process. Each vocal lesson is fun and I learn something new every time. She makes the process easy to understand and I can truly hear how each lesson is improving my vocal abilities. I now understand the difference between singing from my chest and diaphragm and the importance of breathing, wow does this make a huge difference! Thanks Hannah, for your continued support and first class coaching, as I venture back down the singing path.
Katy (23), Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Date: May 2014
I came to Hannah with some musical knowledge but as a beginner at singing; I felt quite nervous at first but she quickly put me at ease with her relaxed demeanor. She begins each lesson with exercises/techniques to relax the body and make the rest of the lesson flow with ease. She works holistically using experience and depth of knowledge when picking up on tiny details in my voice and body/posture to help me tweak my technique. She is fluent in explaining the technical aspects of singing, and plans according to what works for me, tailoring each session to work around my capabilities and needs at that time. Hannah puts a strong emphasis on trying to find ‘my own voice’ rather than trying to sound like someone else, and has helped me develop my breathing techniques in a way that has completely transformed my singing. I saw a clear improvement in my singing after the first couple of lessons and it has been getting better week after week after putting Hannah's advice into practice. Most importantly her lessons have got me enthusiastic about singing and have already improved my confidence massively.
Tricia (26), Langley Park Date: May 2014
In the time that I have been having my lessons with Hannah, I have noticed a considerable expansion of my vocal range. I can now hit higher notes that were not possible a couple of months ago. She has also taught me a lot about breathing techniques and posture which has not only improved the sound of my voice, but has also made singing more comfortable. Her relaxed and upbeat attitude make lessons fun as well as helpful and it is a joy to go back every week.
Kathryn & Molly (16), Barnard Castle Date: May 2014
My daughter has been having singing lessons with Hannah for about three months and thanks to Hannah's friendly and relaxed approach, her enthusiasm, encouragement and musical knowledge, Molly is making incredible progress. Molly is gaining in confidence and by using the techniques that Hannah teaches, her voice is improving weekly. We can't recommend Hannah Wiggins highly enough. She is, by far, the best singing teacher Molly has had.
Charlotte (16), Waterhouses Date: August 2014
Going to Hannah for singing lessons was one of the best decisions I have ever made! She's helped me develop my voice more than I could have imagined and also helped me to get two A*'s in my GCSE Music performances. She even came into my school to do a duet with me, she is so helpful in everything she says and does. However, not only did I choose a good singing teacher, but one of the bubbliest and funniest people ever. Hannah tried loads of different methods to improve my voice, until eventually we found the ones best suited to me. I would recommend her to everyone looking for a singing teacher!
Anonymous (17), Aycliffe Secure Young Peoples Centre Date: September 2014
Hannah has been coaching me for approximately 1 year. When she first started coaching me I was lacking in confidence and had never sang in front of anyone. People always told me I had a good voice when I sang on a karaoke or on a family occasion but I thought they were only being nice to me. I have been taught all of the breathing exercises, learning to sing from my diaphragm and not forcing it from my throat. Hannah has helped me increase my range and given me confidence to sing at ease both in my higher and lower range. She has also taught me how to use the vowels to sing words more clearly but without changing my own accent, so I can make songs my own. Since Hannah has been teaching me my confidence has increased tremendously which enabled me to sing solo in front of an audience. This was a marvellous feeling. Hannah is not only a good teacher, she is also a nice person and works well with young people in this environment.
Rachel (35), Shildon Date: September 2014
After Just One Lesson: Hannah made me feel welcome from the first moment. She eased my nerves and gave good advice. She made my experience so relaxed that I couldn't wait for my next lesson! And many more to come... I highly recommend Hannah to any beginner with a little or even a lot of nerves as she makes any nervousness disappear!
Emma (28), Ferryhill Date: November 2014
I came to Hannah with a lack of confidence and thinking that I could not sing. I wanted to learn a song as a surprise for my husband. In the few months that Hannah has been teaching me my confidence has improved significantly. She uses a number of techniques to draw out your singing voice and improve your range and pitch accuracy. Hannah is very friendly and can adapt her teaching style to the specific needs and wants of the learner, be they a novice or an experienced singer. Her holistic approach to singing means that I can enter a lesson stressed from a days' work, but feel more relaxed within minutes, after going through the full-body relaxation and warm-up exercises that help prepare me mentally as well as physically for the lesson.
Michelle (33), Durham Date: August 2016
Hannah is not only a fabulous teacher, she is very friendly, engaging and supportive. She has helped me gain confidence in my singing ability and my vocals now sound much more polished after almost a year of working with her. I would highly recommend her if you want to improve your vocal range, confidence and learn valuable vocal techniques in a positive and friendly environment
Leonie (22), Newton Aycliffe Date: September 2016
Having had over 50 singing lessons with Hannah over the last 2 years I can say for a fact that I have improved in so many areas! Hannah’s relaxed manner and great sense of humour were ideal for allowing me to find my confidence. Hannah’s knowledge and skill concerning music and vocal coaching helped me improve my technique, presentation and delivery, helping me enjoy singing as a hobby as well as making me feel well equipped for public performances. I cannot recommend highly enough!
Paul (48), Shotley Bridge Date: September 2016
A while back, having lost my voice completely whilst singing, my GP referred me to a speech therapist and I was diagnosed with having "functional dysphonia" and a "phonatory gap" neither of which are as bad as they sound! They strongly recommended me to find a voice coach as the best way to get my voice back together and protect it for the future. That's how I found Hannah. She's working through this with me and I've been really pleased with the benefits and improvements. She has tailored her lessons to address my specific problems so I can sing better, stronger and more safely. And she's lovely, too.
Vicky (30), Durham Date: August 2018
I took singing lessons with Hannah a couple of years ago and have been meaning to write this review since then! Hannah is fantastic. I am not a confident singer but love singing (in private), so found the idea of singing in front of a trained professional daunting to say the least! Hannah is a lovely, friendly, warm person and she helped me feel at ease and was happy to work at my pace. Her lessons were a lovely balance of theory, vocal exercises and singing and always fun! Thank you Hannah! X
Elizabeth & Sam (30), Shildon Date: August 2018
Absolutely amazing lady. She is fantastic at teaching and love our weekly sessions wouldn't go anywhere else xx
Tam (40), Bishop Auckland Date: August 2018
I’ve been taking singing lessons with Hannah for about 3 months now – I always come out of each session having learnt something and with a real sense of making progress. Hannah is adaptable enough to include helping me with my guitaring, as well as incorporating music theory into our time. I particularly like Hannah’s holistic approach to learning, and the time spent on anatomy and contextualising the voice and singing over the first few weeks was such a good foundation. I am a complete novice in all things musical, and really appreciate Hannah’s patience with my endless questions and that she always encourages my curiosity. Absolutely love learning with her, would recommend her wholeheartedly, and look forward to my lesson every week. Thank you!
Lisa (40), Newton Aycliffe Date: August 2018
Hannah is a wonderful lady and an excellent and very knowledgeable singing teacher. Cannot recommend her enough!!! Thank you Hannah xx
Chris (65), Crook Date: August 2018
Working with Hannah has improved my range and given me much more confidence performing. Definitely recommend her if you're looking for a teacher/coach.

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