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Mrs Claire Brookes
Mrs Claire Brookes
Simon Date: September 2016
Claire teaches my son (Orleans Park School) clarinet and theory with great skill, a sense of fun and a deep love of music. His clarinet playing has improved hugely in the time that he has studied with her and he really looks forward to his lessons. With her tuition and guidance, he achieved a distinction in Grade 5 theory in a remarkably short space of time. I highly recommend her as a teacher.
Richard Date: September 2016
Over the last 3 years, Claire has taught Recorder (Vineyard), Clarinet (Kingston Grammar School) and now Music Theory (Hampton School) to all 3 of my sons from ages 10 to 15. They absolutely love their lessons, and are always excited to be reminded that the next lesson is due. Claire’s energetic enthusiasm rubbed off on my sons from the very first lesson, making both practice and lessons something to look forward to, rather than a chore requiring to be completed. I would highly recommend Claire to anyone.
Julia Date: September 2016
As a parent it has been wonderful to watch my daughter (Orleans Park School) grow with Claire not only in terms of her musical ability but also in her general confidence. All this has happened within a fun and joyful environment and the benefits are reflected across my daughter's life. She has been inspired to try new things from playing with the school orchestra to joining the BBC Family orchestra days in London.
Niamh Date: September 2016
Lessons with Claire are always fun and are the thing I look forward to all week! As well as teaching me to play the clarinet, Claire has helped me with my music theory and encouraged me to join my school orchestra.
Christine Date: September 2016
Claire is both a fun and motivational teacher for my teenage daughter (Latymer Upper School). She finds a wide variety of pieces for her to play maintaining her interest and enthusiasm for music and playing. She has been very flexible, helping us to fit lessons around school commitments. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Kerry Date: March 2018
I am thrilled that Claire is now teaching both of my boys (Year 4 and Year 7, The Mall). My eldest son has achieved a huge amount since Claire has been teaching him and is already playing Grade 5 pieces at 11! My youngest son, aged 9, has recently started to learn the Saxophone with Claire and already he is playing Skyfall and her lessons are one of his favourite things at school. She just takes the time to really understand each child and just knows how to motivate and get the best out of them - whether ensuring they play a broad range of music, doing the required exam pieces and playing some music just for fun to enjoy their instruments. They have the confidence to play in concerts at school totally unphased. Her relentless enthusiasm and passion really help the boys.
Lindsey Date: March 2018
My daughter (Year 5, St Marys) started learning the clarinet with Claire two years ago and has made such great progress, in performance but also enthusiasm for playing. She loves her lessons and Claire’s kind and encouraging approach has given her a real self-belief. Claire was sensible about when to take exams and we trusted her judgement. As a result my daughter went straight to Grade 2 and achieved a distinction. However her lessons remain interesting and varied and don’t focus purely on getting through each grade. Would definitely recommend her as a teacher. Parent of Year 5 pupil, St Mary’s primary.
Jenny Date: March 2018
I started learning clarinet with Claire just over a year ago as an adult beginner. I'd played a different woodwind instrument at school, over 30 years beforehand, but deep down I'd always wanted to play the clarinet so this was my chance! I absolutely love my lessons with Claire and have made great progress. She's really supportive and encouraging but also lots of fun, and our lessons are always varied. Highly recommended.
Elena Date: March 2018
My daughter (year 5 St Marys) has been learning the clarinet with Claire since September and she absolutely loves going to her lessons. As a mum, it is wonderful to see my daughter’s eagerness right before the lesson but also her excitement at the end when she comes out wanting to tell me everything she learned. Claire always has something positive to say, she is encouraging and unconditionally supportive. It is evident that her love and passion for music and the clarinet is contagious.
Caroline Date: March 2018
My son (year 5 pupil at The Mall School) has been learning the clarinet with Claire for five months, having never played an instrument previously. He is now fully able to read music and this week he played his first solo piece in the school concert with great enthusiasm and pride. We highly recommend Claire!
Frederique Date: April 2018
My daughter (Year 5, St Marys) started learning the recorder with Claire at school when she was only 6. She really enjoyed Claire’s lessons, telling us that Claire “always made every lesson fun”. As for us, we were very impressed by how much music theory our daughter was picking up during her recorder lessons without even realising it! We have since switched to private lessons with Claire, still on the recorder, and we are very glad we did. Claire has a real knack for enthusing a love for music in her pupils, which we think is very special. She works hard to keeping their interest high, picking music pieces for our daughter to play from a wide range of genres, not only based on her ability but with a real focus on making it interesting and fun for her. As a result, our daughter has continued to progress steadily but most of all she really enjoys playing her instrument and she always looks forward to her lessons with Claire, which is fantastic.
Tamsin Date: April 2018
I credit my daughter's love and knowledge of music to her lessons with Claire. Claire makes music fun (even theory) and brings out the best in her. My daughter (Year 5, St Marys) is fast becoming a talented musician, and that's in large part due to the support and encouragement Claire gives her each week.
Austin Date: April 2018
We're delighted with the progress our daughter (Year 3, St Marys) has made under Claire's tutelage, recorder lessons have clearly been both focussed and, importantly, fun. Claire's endearing enthusiasm and passion for music coupled with her knowledge and experience provide an incredibly motivating environment and we would wholeheartedly recommend her.
Akiko Date: April 2018
Claire has taught my son (Year 8, The Mall) clarinet and he has been enjoying her lesson very much. He appreciates her fun and practical approach when he sees any problem, and she helped him with grade 4 & 5 exam very successfully with lots of precise instructions and warm encouragement. Thank you so much!
Anna Date: May 2018
Claire is a fabulous teacher. She has boundless energy and enthusiasm which she transfers in her lessons and as a result has installed a real love of music in my son (Year 6, St Mary's). Claire takes time to think about what pieces of music my son would like to play rather than simply working through a music book which has meant that he is happy to practice at home. The variety of music and her teaching gives him new challenges to rise to on a weekly basis and it’s wonderful to see him achieving so much but most importantly I’m delighted that Claire has taught him to enjoy music.
Sophie Date: May 2018
Claire teaches with such enthusiasm and energy that her love of music is infectious. My daughter (Year 3, St Marys) doesn't come from a musical family and the music provision at school is limited, so I am eternally grateful to have Claire's positive influence in my daughter's life. My daughter is steadily progressing and gaining wider knowledge of music through her private recorder lessons and is very keen to share what she has learnt through school performances. In the words of my daughter, she likes her lessons because "Claire is always happy and smiley and the recorder is fun!".

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